Lil' Biddies

Need to wow a group of friends at Friendsgiving?
Don’t feel like baking again for work’s 7th potluck that week?
Want to host a gourmet cookie bar at your wedding?


Lil’ Biddies are Bae’s Baekery’s option for catering. Offered at 1/3 of the size of our normal cookies, Lil’ Biddies still have the same flavor, thickness, and quality of a classic Bae’s Baekery cookie. We offer Lil’ Biddies at all times, not just during our open order window. Additionally, you can choose up to four (4) flavors of any cookie we have created. That’s right, any flavor cookie we have created.


As usual, we think a quick turn around with a fresh product is important, so as long as you provide us with four (4) business days notice of your event, we will be there for you with fresh baked Biddies. To order, please Direct Message @baesbaekery!


Lil’ Biddies are sold by the double-dozen (24). 24 Lil’ Biddies feeds up to 12-24 people. A double dozen of Lil’ Biddies is $50. Direct Message Bae’s Baekery on Instagram. We are excited to bring the love of Bae’s  Baekery to your next wedding, party, family/work event, or just for an evening with friends.

More Cookies? Yes, More Cookies!

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