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King’s Cake Preorder (for February 21st, Fat Tuesday)

Celebrate Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday with Bae’s Baekery! Our King Cakes are created with our well-loved Cinnamon Roll dough, drizzled in traditional King Cake frosting glaze, decorated with Mardi Gras sanding sugar, and of course, has a little plastic baby inside! What separates our King Cakes from other bakeries is that they are fresh baked the day you pick up, guaranteeing the best quality King Cake you can find.

Our King Cakes are large, serving 14-16 guests. Our King Cakes include non-edible Mardi Gras beads atop the cake, as well as edible, chocolate coins. This item is for preorder on Fat Tuesday, February 21st, from 10AM-4PM. Should you need a different date accommodated other than Fat Tuesday, please specify below.

**Bae’s Baekery is not responsible for any non-edible, plastic baby consumptions.


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Only required if you want to pick up earlier than February 21st