About Us

Aside from creating Louisville's best cookie, who is Bae’s Baekery™?

Who is Bae’s Baekery™?

Visit our bakery Wednesday through Sunday, at 1804 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, Kentucky, 40206. Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm. Those hours don’t work? No worries! We have several wholesale partners that carry a variety of our products! Check them out here.

Bae’s Baekery™, LLC began in January 2019 when Abigail Mattingly was gifted a Kitchen Aid mixer for the holidays. She had baked her entire life, but was allowed to explore more avenues previously unavailable upon receiving the mixer. She was already baking for family and friends throughout the holidays, but began to crank out more products, including cookies, eclairs, bagels, and other pastries, and was advised continuously to begin selling her products.

As cookies become her main focus, she wanted to create a distinction between her cookies and other cookie companies. She wanted to create a perfectly balanced cookies, not too sweet, yet not too bland. She wanted to maintain a higher standard of aesthetic with the cookies, as well as increasing flavor. Bae’s Baekery™ cookies are made fresh every couple days so customers are receiving a freshly baked product, that is both perfect in flavor and appearance (because you deserve it!).

Bae’s Baekery™ began growing so rapidly that Abigail began reducing her hours at the law firm she worked for, to part-time, but eventually grew to the point that she had to quit her job to cater to the growing business. 

As she did that, it began to grow even more, reaching the more where her fiance, Griffin McGreevy, had to leave his position as an electrician to help Abigail with the expansion of the business. Our dedication to Bae’s Baekery™ is so deeply rooted that Abigail also deferred her acceptance into the 2019 fall semester of Louisville Brandeis School of Law to cater to her customers and the expansion.

We mean it when we say we love our customers. We understand we would be nothing without the continuous support we receive on a daily basis, and that is why we are committed to our slogan, “Perfection, because you deserve it.™” Thank you for being a Cookie Bae™, and as usual, we can’t wait to bake for you.

Why is Baekery spelt so weird?

The creator and owner of Bae’s Baekery™, Abigail Mattingly, is also known locally by her Instagram handle, @bourbonbae. When thinking of the name for the bakery, she giggled to herself and thought about just adding “kery” on to the end of her already well-known Instagram handle she had maintained for 6 years. The name stuck, and we are proud to be Bae’s Baekery™.


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