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We absolutely do! Yes, even Alaska and Hawaii.

Our orders open on THURSDAY at 8PM EST. They are open until capacity is reached, usually until Saturday evening.

Select the cookies you want from our store, then click your cart to check out. Upon checkout, you will be prompted to select your method of delivery, whether it is local Louisville pickup, or nationwide shipping. Fill out all required fields, double check your address, and get ready for Bourbon Baekery cookies.

We do not currently ship outside of the US.

Cookies will ship the 7-10 following your order. You will receive tracking information via your provided email. Please note, if your email is incorrect, you will not receive tracking information.
We are two people only fresh baking all of your cookies by hand. Each batch is small batch and every ingredient is handmade. IF YOU CANNOT WAIT, WE SUGGEST PURCHASING STORE BOUGHT COOKIES.

Locally ordered cookies will be available on the upcoming Sunday or Monday from Thursday orders, depending on your pickup location preference. All cookies are fresh baked the evening before pickup.

We bake out of a commercial kitchen called ChefSpace, a community incubator. This is a commercial kitchen that is health-inspected and up to health code standards where your cookies are handled with the finest care. We do NOT have a brick-and-mortar, but have dreams of owning a shop one day.

We utilize a finely timed, methodical, and extensive process which ensures a fully-baked cookie. Our cookies are CRISP on the outside, and soft and moist on the inside. Don’t mistake our moistness for raw, these cookies are baked in a convention oven at a high temperature for an amount of time that would guarantee they could not physically be raw.

More Cookies? Yes, More Cookies!

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